Bruce WardThe late Bruce Ward was considered a great educator of Holistic Management.  He enjoyed a close relationship with Allan Savory and was technically brilliant. 

Bruce Ward had transformed his work as an educator online.  This became a valuable resource for his clients. 

Now, in his memory, these resources are offered for free to anyone interested in Holistic Management - novices, practitioners and educators alike.  The comprehensive online resource (this website) is still fronted by Bruce Ward - (who in our opinion) is the best educator in the world.

Bruce Ward died in September 2012.  He will be missed by many, but through this website his legacy is able to live on and his lessons are still able to be taught.

Why and How Bruce Ward Got Into Holistic Management

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Bruce had trained thousands of people with stories like this....

Bruce received this contribution by a friend to a 60th this-is-your-life book... 

There was a learn-ed fellow named Bruce
Who sometimes wondered what’s the use
Of trying to get the World to think
When most just want to eat and drink

But Bruce’s work was in his soul
Spurred on by his Holistic Goal
This man, who doesn’t believe in “can’t”
Is rebuilding the soil, plant by plant.

He’s worked with farmers all his life
Helping to dig them out of strife
To believe in their farm and selves once more
Before the bank (fore)closes the door

Teaching HM across the land
Has given him the kind of plan
To even tackle climate change
By sequestering carbon on the range

So here’s to Bruce, a man of depth
True to his mission he has kept
Now celebrating 60 years
Of striding out in front his peers

We wish him such a happy time
With family, friends, a glass of wine?
And when he’s finally off the hook
You’ll find him curled up with this book.

Bruce received this tribute in NSW Parliament after his death...


Bruce Co-Founded Soil Carbon Australia.  His business partner tells us why it's crucial...

The Bruce Ward Legacy Trust


The Ward Family - Suzie, David and Andrew - have established the Bruce Ward Legacy Trust in order to let Bruce (in spirit) continue to work on his passion. 


Bruce Ward Legacy Trust received ownership of the Holistic Results website and domain name when Holistic Results Pty Ltd was closed in early 2013.


We have now removed the payment wall from the Holistic Results website.  Now any practitioner or educator can get in for free and use all the content from a lifetimes work.

Once registered you will have free access to over 300 different resources.

You can navigate through various levels –

  • Yellow being the basics and background thoughts
  • Brown being Holistic Financial Planning
  • Green being Biological Monitoring and Graze Planning and
  • Blue being the Holistic Goal and Human Psychology Stuff. 

Apart from content you can access forums, guides and downloadable templates.


Bruce Ward would have wanted everyone to know and practice Holistic Management, particularly graziers, because he considered these people the key to reversing so many global ills. 

He found in his lifetime great strength and joy from helping thousands of farmers reverse their local misfortunes and gain financial security.  More importantly, he loved it when people could regain control of their lives and create “a Holistic Goal that was worth living for”.

Suzie, David and Andrew think that by opening up his work to the public and for free it will reduce some of the barriers that people have to adopting Holistic Management. 

We think it will provide novices, educators and practitioners alike with a valuable resource.

Last but not least, is that in providing this resource for free, we'll be providing support to the people that have given our family ongoing support.  That is what a community is all about.

How Does The Legacy Trust Operate?

The Bruce Ward Legacy Trust is not a charity.  But, people who use the resources and who want to and who can afford to can send a cheque as a donation (it won't be gift-deductible) to the Bruce Ward Legacy Trust.  Contact Us.

Any funds donated (depending on the generosity of the community) will go towards furthering Holistic Management.  Specifically we would want to fund the Bruce Ward Lecture Series and the Bruce Ward Scholarship. 

Bruce Ward Lecture Series:

Donations would pay for the proposed annual lecture.  The lecture would be from someone that can help bring clarity, skills or inspiration to the Australian Holistic Management community. 

Bruce Ward Scholarship

Donations would pay for the proposed scholarship.  The scholarship awarded once a year on a merit basis and nominated by the Australian Holistic Management Educators, would cover the tuition-fees for a student attempting the Diploma in Holistic Management.

Want To Know More

If you would like more detail then please Contact Us

Alan Savory speaking at TED2013 and Bruce Ward shared a common belief in the power of Holistic Management to change (for the better) local and global environments.  

If you are new to the world of Holistic Management, this website can be used to move from topic to topic in a sequence that comprehensively teaches the principles. 

If you have already had some exposure to Holistic Management then this resource is a complement to your existing know-how.  There are hundreds of videos, audios, downloadable reference materials, quiz questions, sample exercises and assessments.

If you want to implement Holistic Management in your life you can do this several ways.

Via Training

The Australian Holistic Management Educators have designed a course via TAFE NSW.  Initially this was a Certificate IV level qualification, but as of 2013 has become a Diploma in Holistic Management.

The cost to participate is subsidized by the TAFE system making it cheap.  This course requires in-person and in-class participation. 

Course dates and locations found here.

Via Holistic Results

Bruce Ward created a rich resource within this website.  By simply signing into the website, you get all the content Bruce created for his clients.  This content is available online and allows users to learn at their own speed.  As importantly it allows you to go back to key concepts and cover them until you feel competent. 

Via Consultants

All Australian Holistic Management Educators can be found here

Consultants and Educators that have been certified internationally now operate all over Australia and New Zealand.

We would recommend you contact a few before making a decision as often the cultural fit between consultant and client is more important than the content being discussed.

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