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Fence line effect photos

Same location as previous photo, showing the detail of the soil cover.Photo taken at break of season (Autumn) in Western Australia. Notice that left-hand branch of the gully is dry (drains holistically managed land) and water from the first rain is already running off conventionally managed land.This is where the running water in right branch of gully in previous photo was coming from - a bare, eroding slope.The left hand branch of the gully received no runoff because the rain fell on to organic litter creating a covered soil.
Close up of some of the flats also contributing to the runoff into the right hand gully.Creek junction a few weeks later as green up is further established.  Note: there is still no runoff in the left hand gully, but plenty of water is coming from the neighbour.  Who will grow most grass do you think?Spring 2010 after 225mm (avg 450mm) for growing season. Branch on right has carried water, whilst left branch has carried none. Good water cycle on LHS

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