High Density Grazing - What's actually Possible Webinar Recording - AVAILABLE NOW


In the last year or so there has been a marked turnaround in seasonal conditions in much of Eastern Australia. It's reasonable to expect that normal conditions will return to Western Australia in the next few months.  All in all, there are many opportunities to plan for and attempt high density grazing.
Overseas evidence suggests that properly managed, very high density grazing management not only rehabilitates land more quickly but does so very cost effectively.  Based on the evidence we have seen overseas and the increasing amount of information arriving from proponents, the essential tool is human creativity. To this must be added grazing, high levels of animal impact, properly considered and applied rest, and only very low levels of technology.  Combined correctly soil surface conditions are manipulated to encourage an explosion of living organisms.
In short, it is clear that it is not possible to use this technique when rotationally grazing - it demands a high level of grazing planning.  The question is, under our various local conditions can we achieve meaningful results, and if not, what blocks us and how do we remove the blocks?

Click HERE to view the recording of the webinar from 8th February 2011.

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