State what you want

The cornerstone of managing holistically is the holisticgoal, and in it you 'state what you want'.  Even though it is the cornerstone principle it can initially be the most difficult for some people.  Nevertheless, it is a principle and valid principles cannot be avoided, but must be taken on, head on.  This is the principle you will have to spend most time with as you work at becoming a holistic manager.    So let's examine what power this principle contains, and why overcoming reluctance is extraordinarily profitable!

A holisticgoal is a totally and unashamedly self-centred document that revolves around YOU!  It seems to me that people will continue to make decisions in the own self-interest, just as we have always done.  We'll do so because it's a logical and natural human trait, and it's one that can be harnessed.  Just as a martial arts exponent uses his/her own balance to create and leverage their strength, the holistic manager uses their own self-interest to simultaneously create lasting benefit for themselves and others, as you will shortly see.  

Here's how it's done.
Firstly, the holisticgoal is written in positive language - it is 100% about what people want and never contains negative sentiments.  That's important.

Within each economic whole the decision-makers gather and determine what they want their actions to produce or create.  They envisage the future they really desire, and call what they will make happen their Quality of Life.  Like you and me these people are not innocent by-standers in life, but realists who know only too well that their decisions and actions move them towards (or away) from what they most want in life.

In order to produce their self-interested quality of life, they also identify the conditions they must create: the conditions that will allow the good things to become tangible and real. 
Finally, they describe the way their resource base must become so that they sustain enjoyment of the the good things, essentially for ever.

Example: A family-owned farm business that seeks to be prosperous now and in the future will need, amongst other things, to produce cash surpluses each year.  In order to produce constant cash surpluses they will almost certainly identify that in their own self-interest they must make their land resource increasingly more healthy and resilient.  How will they do that?  They can do that decision by decision, using holistic decision making, which has only one purpose: to achieve the desired outcomes economically, ecologically and socially.  

Guess what: If a business is improving their land and its profitability in its own self-interest, the benefits will flow far beyond the farm gate.  The public benefit is huge when the part of the catchment you manage becomes healthier. For example: healthier land means more biodiversity; it means less runoff from the farm and therefore less risk of damage to public infrastructure such as roads and bridges; it means less erosion and reduced silting up of dams etc.  It means reduced costs of production for you, and that means more profit for you.

Greenslopes Pastoral Co Whole and Goal.pdf

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