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There are many FREE videos, audios and PFD's available to you from the below content list.  There are a number of resources available including FREE Planning materials like the 'weekly meeting format' and the essential document to managing Holistically 'Defining your Economic whole and holisticgoal'.  We hope you enjoy this FREE material and to gain greater knowledge and achieve 'Holistic Results' we encourage you to subscribe to the secure sections of the site and see 'your economy changed' through Managing Holistically.

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If you have queries, please check the FAQ’s, and the Glossary or better still, what we would really like you to do is go to the Forum, and use it, otherwise send us a feedback form and we will be happy to answer your queries relating to Managing Holistically.

  1. Stories

    1. Have my Sheep got a Drench Deficiency

    2. Support your Local Community

    3. Perennials can save the World

    4. Pasture Cropping

    5. How I got into Managing Holistically

  2. Resources

    1. Farmers are not Morons

    2. Holistic Goal will not give you a Halo and Wings

    3. Money can't buy the Important Things

    4. Nature Functions in Wholes

    5. No Right or Wrongs

    6. Not as Good as we Thought things Were

    7. Ten Principles

    8. Testing Guidelines

    9. True Profit

    10. You've got what you've Got

    11. Look Down not Across

  3. ASK (Always Seeking Knowledge) Newsletters

    1. Break Treadmill.pdf

    2. Making Way for the New.pdf

    3. Holistic Financial Planning.pdf

    4. Marketing for Profit.pdf

    5. Resilience.pdf

    6. Succession Planning.pdf

  4. Downloadable Planning Materials

    1. Economic Whole and Goal.pdf

    2. Testing Matrix.pdf

    3. DSE Tables.pdf

    4. SAU Tables.pdf

  5. Book List

    1. Bruce's Suggested Reading List.pdf

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Who are Holistic Results

We believe that success comes about by purposefully managing the biological complexity of whole situations in a structured way, a way that fully takes into account the uniqueness of every situation and location.

Bruce Ward

 Bruce has been an executive and a director of publicly listed companies in Australia and not-for-profit companies in both Australia and the USA. He is currently a director of several Australian land management companies and a partner in a UK based land management organisation.