Indicators of Effective Community Dynamics

Evidence of high successional conditions

  1. Many species of plants and other organisms are present
  2. The soil surface is covered in mulch and litter
  3. Soil temperatures are very stable, which makes the soil...
  4. A good home for many small creatures
  5. Grasses are usually broad leaved and tend to dry to a reddish colour
  6. Seeds are often, but not exclusively, rounder in shape
  7. The water and mineral cycles are functioning well
  8. There is good capture of solar energy throughout the year

Evidence of low successional conditions

  1. There are few species of plants and animals in the local environment
  2. The soil surface is exposed and capped, usually leading to wide extremes of daily temperatures
  3. The plant species present are adapted to establishing on hard surfaces, or in cracks
  4. The grasses present are often narrow bladed and/or slow growing, indicating poor solar energy capture
  5. Grasses often dry off to a white colour
  6. Seed heads are often sharp and aggressive
  7. The water and mineral cycles are usually suffering, indicated by high run-offs, erosion, poor plant growth rates and so on
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