Our background

In 1994 Bruce began a two-year program working directly with creator of the Holistic Management     process, Allan    Savory. 

Soon after, the company began the training programs that it continues to deliver throughout Australia, based on this work.  In 1998 Bruce and Suzie expanded their operation when they began delivering the courses in New Zealand.  To date more than 2,500 people have passed through the program.

About Bruce

5 steps to increase farm profit

True profit - only a farmer can make one. Human creativity - the most powerful tool for change. Balancing overheads - keeping costs of production low

  • Learn how to

  • Simplify your operations
  • Decrease reliance on inputs
  • Restore your land
  • Start achieving

  • Increased farm profitability
  • Increased family harmony
  • A positive ecological footprint