Field Day Talks

Learn how farmers in WA and around the world are generating profits while making their farms more resilient recorded on 7th July - In the paddock at Mundijong, WA

Proudly arranged by the Bugs & Biology Grower Group

Hosted by Rupert Richardson & Megan Christie and Bruce Ward for a case-study of successful planned holistic grazing systems.  Bruce will present an overview of holistic management, visions and decision making.  Water, mineral, and energy cycles and their impact on our agricultural systems will be discussed.  See how strategic use of water and wire has been used to develop a robust and profitable farming enterprise.

Click the following links to listen to the audio of the Field Day

Kalga Talk 1
Kalga Talk 2
Kalga Talk 3

Who are Holistic Results

We believe that success comes about by purposefully managing the biological complexity of whole situations in a structured way, a way that fully takes into account the uniqueness of every situation and location.

Bruce Ward

 Bruce has been an executive and a director of publicly listed companies in Australia and not-for-profit companies in both Australia and the USA. He is currently a director of several Australian land management companies and a partner in a UK based land management organisation.