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Thankyou for becoming a Holistic Results participant.  Both David and I welcome you, and look forward to a great deal of learning and fun.

Our objective is to deliver resources for every aspect of managing holistically.  Those resources include:

  • The hundreds of pages we have constructed on the site
  • Learning that other people wish to share, and
  • Most importantly, the “Forums”
You may not have used a forum before.  You may even feel a little uncomfortable about using them, so here are a few words of assistance:  Forums are for helping others, and for being helped when you need help.

David and I want the forums to be actively used.  It is our view that sharing knowledge is one of the most ‘human’ things we can all do.  When managing holistically people are not competing for a scarce life, but more likely they collaborating towards an abundant life.  We want the forums to be the place where you are helped with tonnes of practical advice when you need it - and in turn, an opportunity for you to help others achieve abundance when they need assistance!   

In learning to navigate the site you might like to spend a minute to watch this movie.


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Who are Holistic Results

We believe that success comes about by purposefully managing the biological complexity of whole situations in a structured way, a way that fully takes into account the uniqueness of every situation and location.

Bruce Ward

 Bruce has been an executive and a director of publicly listed companies in Australia and not-for-profit companies in both Australia and the USA. He is currently a director of several Australian land management companies and a partner in a UK based land management organisation.